As the organization administrator you have access to register any of the teams under your organization for tournaments located in the PONY East Zone Softball Tournament list.

Registering for a tournament is not done at the tournament listing on the PONY website.  This is just an informational listing on our website of the events.  You will register for a tournament while you are logged into our system.

STEP 1 : Navigate in your to and use your Organizational ID and Password in the upper right hand corner.

You are looking for this section of the page.

You will be logged into our organization administration system.

STEP 2 : We will be registering a team for a tournament so we will click "Team" in the left hand navigation system.

STEP 3 : If you have not logged into the system before you will NOT see any of your teams listed here.

You can instruct the system to search for your organizations team(s) by clicking the "Search" button.

NOTE : If this is your first time using the system and you have only registered a single team, you will be taken directly to the team information so you can skip to step 5.

STEP 4 : If you have multiple teams or you have used the system before, you will be shown the team list.  

You can double click on your single team (or any of your teams if you have registered multiple teams) to access the team information.

STEP 5 : Now you are viewing all information about the team you double clicked on.

STEP 6 : To register the teams for one of our events click the "Tournament" tab.

STEP 7 : On this screen you'll see a pulldown to select a tournament.  Click the down arrow to activate the pulldown.

Tournaments your team is compatible with (correct team type and age group) will be shown in the pulldown.  

To select a tournament click on the tournament name and then click "Register"

STEP 9 : Review the first of four information tabs to let the tournament know about your team.  The first displays your team name and the age group you are participating in.  Click the "Contacts" tab to continue.

STEP 10 : On the "Contacts" tab, your coaches listed on your affidavit (roster) are automatically listed as tournament contacts.  You'll see them listed on the left. (Note this is why you must have one team administrator listed on a affidavit / roster to register for tournaments.

STEP 11 : The next tab reviews your players.  If you have completed your team's roster you'll see your players here.  If you haven't you wont see any.  You don't need to have the players assigned to the roster to register for a tournament.

STEP 12 : The final tab reviews your transaction to register for the tournament.  If all looks ok, you can click "Complete Registration"..  PLEASE NOTE IF YOU DON'T DO THIS STEP YOU WON"T BE REGISTERED!!!

STEP 13 : Click the "Payment Method" pulldown to select your payment type.  Please note most tournament only take a mail in check as payment type.

The available payement types will be displayed.

STEP 14 : Choose the payment type and click "Continue >>"  You will be asked for more information about the payment type (check number for check, credit card information for credit card payment if offered)

STEP 15 : Complete your tournament registration by submiting the payment so the tournament knows to check for a credit card payment or expect a check in the mail.

STEP 16 : Click VIew Payment Summary Coupon for a receipt of your transaction and information on where you send your check if you selected mail in check.  You are now officially registered for the tournament.

STEP 17  Review your payment summary.  It appears as a popup window.  This is completely informative only and no action needs to be taken on this screen.

TIP : You can see the tournaments you are registered for on the team tournament tab.