You should have received an email with the link to your tournament along with your login credentials. If you haven’t please call 855-703-2576.

Once you log in, Click on the Tournament & Gaming Tab.

Click on the Application Menu on the left hand side.This will take you to the Team Application Lookup screen.

Here you will be able to search for teams that have registered.

You can filter applications by age/division or click the show all button to see all registrants.

Each time you log in make sure you do a new search so you don’t miss any teams. In addition, you will receive an email for each team that has applied.

To send an email click on the envelope icon to select all teams, or you may check the boxes to the left of the Age/Division to email only certain teams. Then click the button email selected Applications.

You can change or modify the email template. Please make sure you enter a valid From email address or the system will not deliver the message. You can also include an attachment or simply type your message in the body section. If you wish to use Macros to personalize the message place your cursor in the box and then click on the macro to the left.

To accept teams, change the application Status drop down to NEW and then click Search button.

Then hover over the word NEW so that a drop down menu appears. Select Final Acceptance and click Save Changes.

If you need to drop a team, search under the status of the team and then select Deleted and click Save Changes.