To upload your organization's team administrators, please follow the steps below. You will only need to add team administrators once to PONY's online system.  In the past our system was an annual system that no data carried out from year to year.  Our new Affinity system is a perpetual system, that will carry player, parent and coaching accounts from season to season to help alleviate having to re-enter data every year.

  • Download the attachment at the bottom of this article titled Pony Admin Upload Template
  • Enter all of your team administrators' information into the excel document.
    • Please pay close attention to the fields.  These designate exactly what organization and team your players are added to.  Fields with RED HEADERS need to be filled in to properly add the player and their parent to your organization.  Not including all information will cause your request to upload the file to be bounced back.
      • Your member organization number is available originally from your organization receipt when you registered.
      • Your team id's are also available on this document.

      • Also note to take care of selecting the correct type of sport as well as coaching position for the team administrator.  Baseball = BB, Fast Pitch Softball = FPS, Slow Pitch Softball = SPS, Travel/Select Softball = TSS. and Team Manager = TM, Head Coach = HC, Asst Coach = AC

      • Once you have completed filling in the file you can submit a ticket with Affinity to have your your completed excel document uploaded (Note : Uploads are entered into the system every Thursday).