Bulk Upload Templates (Player, Team Admin or Both) are submitted to Affinity in a service trouble ticket.

  1. Navigate to their trouble ticket portal to create a new ticket.
  2. Begin to fill out the appropriate fields on the ticket.
  3. The following fields need filled out to successfully submit your upload templates.

    1. Your email address (obviously your personal email address so they can contact you about issues or completion)

    2. Subject (Enter "Data Upload")

    3. Description (Enter "Data Upload")

    4. First Name (Obviously your first name)

    5. Last Name (Obviously your last name)

    6. User Role (Enter "Organization Admin" if you are the primary contact of the organization, otherwise enter "Team Admin" if you are a coach of a team")

    7. Player/Admin ID Number (Enter if known but OK to leave blank).

    8. Affinity Username (Enter the username you use to log into the Affinity Database)

    9. Priority (Enter the priority you feel your upload is - Low, Medium or High)

    10. Request Type (Enter Data Upload/Import)

    11. Zone (Enter your PONY Zone (see here if you are unsure).

    12. Region or League Name (Enter the name of the organzation you are with)

    13. Season (Enter the PONY Season)

    14. Event Name (Leave blank)

    15. Tournament / Schedule Name (Leave blank)

    16. Attachments (Please attach your upload files from your computer).

    17. Please verify that you are human (Click the checkbox that says "I'm not a robot")

    18. Click "Submit" to proceed.

  4. You have completed uploading your data.  You will be notified by email from the ticketing system when your uplaods are completed (typically all uploads are batched and uploaded on Thursdays).