Uploading the Excel Template with the Upload Module for PONY Baseball All Stars

  1. To access the Upload Module, choose Upload from the top navigation in the Affinity System.

  2. Once you select Upload, you will be taken to the Upload Module home page. Please be patient. Your level of access will determine how quickly the Module loads. Greater access may take longer to load.

  3. To create a new upload choose Start Upload.

  4. At the Region Level, your Region will be selected for you. At the Zone Level you will need to select the Region and League. Choose your Region and League from the pull-down menus.

  5. Confirm you are in the correct Season.

  6. Choose NEXT.

  7. You will be taken to Step 2. Choose “I will upload a spreadsheet file with my data.” Then choose FILE to browse your computer for the file you wish to upload and then choose NEXT.

  8. The next screen, Step 3 will allow you to verify your data before completing the upload. Choose the Data File Type, Admin or Player, by selecting the radio button.

  9. Verify that the data is entered correctly and accepted.
  • Total indicates how many records you are uploading.
  • Incomplete indicates how many records need to be completed.
  • Invalid indicates any data rows that need to be fixed before uploading.
  1. Once you have verified your data, choose NEXT.

  2. You will be taken to Step 4. In this step you can notify someone that you have uploaded the file.

  3. Choose ADD RECIPIENT, and enter the person’s email address. To add multiples (up to 5) choose ADD RECIPIENT. When done adding notification recipients, choose IMPORT FILE to upload your data.
    NOTE: Files with multiple records may take longer to upload. Please be patient and allow the data to upload.
  1. When your File has been successfully placed in queue, you will be taken to Step 5 and have the option to upload another file. To upload another file, choose UPLOAD ANOTHER FILE.
    NOTE : As the person uploading data, you will also receive an email notification when the data is in queue and when it finishes uploading. This email will also include exceptions of any data that was not loaded as part of your data file.