Removing Players

  1. Log into the Affinity Sports Platform.

  2. You will be taken to your My Account.

  3. Choose the Teams.

  4. Your Teams will display.

  5. Choose Team Info. This will display the team record.

  6. If you need to remove a player, choose Roster Player.

  7. Select the name of the player you wish to remove and choose Remove.

  8. Choose Save Players.

Adding Players

  1. If you are making an addition, choose the Tournament.

  2. Identify the Tournament application you need to edit.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Once you click edit, you will be forwarded into the tournament.

  5. Choose Player Roster.

  6. Then choose Add Player. Enter the player information.

    NOTE: If roster is locked, it needs to be unlocked to see this button. To unlock please contact your All Star designate.

  7. Click Add Player.

  8. Once completed choose the Player Roster tab to verify the child has been added to the roster.

  9. Confirm Player is on the team.

  10. If you need to relock roster, click the Check Box and choose Submit All Star Roster.

  11. A Print Team RosterĀ button will display.

  12. Choose Print Team Roster to view your roster.

  13. The roster displays. Choose the Printer icon to print your roster.