1. Log into the Affinity Sports Platform.

  2. Choose Leagues & Teams from the Top navigation tabs.

  3. Choose Players/Admins/Umpires from the Left side navigation tabs.

  4. Choose Admin Lookup.

  5. Filter the data to your region, league and play type and choose Search.

  6. Your search results displays a list of Admins that meet the criteria.

  7. Click the Email Envelope to select all Admins and choose Email Selected Admins.

  8. An email editor displays. Enter a from address, your email address, a cc email address if you would like to cc someone on the email, an email subject and add any attachments.

  9. Enter the email html/copy provided in the Body field by choosing HTML from the bottom of the Body field and cut and paste the html/copy provided.

  10. Choose Normal at the bottom of the Body field to preview your email content.

  11. At the bottom of the screen you can see all users in which the email is being sent.

  12. Choose Send to send the email to the selected Admins. The message has been queued in the email system.

  13. Once sent, the coaches will receive the details to set-up their account or reset their password and links to other resources.