1. Log into the Affinity Sports Platform.

  2. Choose Tournament & Gaming from top level navigation.

  3. A Team Application Lookup screen displays. Confirm that no filters are selected.

  4. Using the pulldown menu in the upper left, choose your Tournament. 

  5. Once Tournament is selected, choose Search in the Team Application Lookup screen.

  6. Search results display all Teams that have applied to this Tournament.

  7. Choose the Team you wish to Unlock by clicking on the name of the Team.

  8. When selected the Team Profile displays on the Team review screen.

  9. Choose Player Roster from the top set of tabs on the Team review screen.

  10. The Player Roster displays. If the Print Team Roster displays, the coach has already locked this roster.

  11. To unlock the Roster, click the This is the final Team Roster checkbox and choose Submit All Star Roster.

  12. This will unlock the Roster and allow the Coach to add additional players by returning the Add Player button to the Roster display screen.