Rostering Players

  1. Log into the Affinity Sports Platform.

  2. You will be taken your My Account.

  3. Click on Teams and you will see your teams listed.

  4. Click Team Info next to the Team you wish to create.

  5. A team shell created by the All Star designate will display.

  6. Choose Roster Player.

  7. If all of your players are in the system you will be able to add your players. If not you will need to upload your players to the system. See Upload Players and Admins article.

  8. If all of your players are in the system, click Add All Star Player and search for each of the players you wish to add to the team.

  9. Choose Search to display the player’s name. Click on the player name to add them to the team.

  10. Choose Save Players.

Printing your All Star Affidavit

  1. Choose the Tournament tab.

  2. Once selected, you will be able to apply to the Tournament.

  3. Using the pulldown menu, choose the Tournament in which you would like to apply and click Register.

  4. You will begin the application process. You will see your Team Name (which you can edit), the Gender of your team, and the Age Group. Choose Save & Continue.

  5. Enter the other team coaches. To add another coach, choose Save & Continue. To move to the next screen, choose Continue.

  6. Your Roster will display.

  7. If your Roster is complete, click the This is the final Team Roster checkbox and click Submit All Star Roster.

  8. Your roster is now locked. Your add team player button will disappear and a Print Team Rosterbutton displays.

  9. Click the Print Team Roster Button to view your Roster.

  10. The Affidavit displays in a new browser window. Choose the Print icon to print your Affidavit.

  11. Once you have finished printing return to the application process and choose Review to review your roster.

  12. At the top of the screen you will see a Submit Application button. Click this button to fully submit your Tournament Affidavit.