Regular Season Play:


Page 3, 29-32, i #6 - Further definition of divisions

Add (6U), (8U), (10U), (12U), (14U), (16U), (18U), (23U) 

Page 6 - League Regulation 10 – Coach/Manager

Deleted “Effect: if proper supervision of use and care of equipment is not demonstrated, or there is a lack of cooperation in collection and return of equipment, the coach/manager may be removed by league officers.

Page 17, Rule 3 Sec. 1  - The Official Bat

Replace any “ASA” WITH USA/ASA Softball

Rule 6 - Shetland (6U) and Pinto (8U)

Change run rule to be the same (5 per ½ inning) in each division.

Page 29, Rule 6 A #3 - Shetland (6U)

Deleted #3 “the batter may not swing until the pitcher makes a pitching motion from the pitching rubber.”

Page 29, Rule 6 A #7 - Shetland (6U)

Deleted 7 “For safety reasons, it is better to have the catcher stand away from the batter until the batter has swung.”

Page 30 & 33, Rule 6 B/D,  Numbers 1/14 - Pinto (6U) – Mercy Rule in place no need for following sentences.

Deleted in B #1 “If the game is tied at the end of six innings or at the end of full inning in which the time limit has expired; the run limit will be lifted.”

Deleted in D #14 “If one team is ahead by 9 runs after 4 full innings or 5 runs after 5 innings the game will be called.”

Page 32, Rule 6 C #1 - Pinto (8U) – Player Pitch

Added: Extra Player (EP) is allowed

Page 32, Rule 6 D #4 - Pinto (8U) – Machine Pitch

Changed number of players on the field to ten (10)

Page 34, Rule 7 Sec.1a - Pitching (Fast Pitch) – foot placement

Change to read: She shall take a position with her pivot foot on the pitcher’s plate and non-pivot foot on or behind the pitcher’s plate. Both feet must be on the ground within the 24-inch length of the Pitcher’s plate. Her shoulder shall be in line with first and third bases. The hand shall be separated. The ball can be in the glove or pitching hand.

Deleted: Note

Page 34, Rule 7 Sec. 1b - Pitching (Fast Pitch) - Preliminaries

Combined b & c 

Reworded: While in the position described above, she shall hold the ball in both hands for not less than one second and not more than 10 seconds before releasing the ball.

Page 35, Rule 7 Sec. 6 - Pitching (Fast Pitch) 

Added: “Dirt is not a foreign substance”.

Page 36, Rule 7 Sec. 10b - Pitching (Fast Pitch) – No Pitch Shall Be Declared When:

Deleted “b. The pitcher attempts a quick return of the ball before the batter has taken a position or is off balance as a result of a previous pitch.”

POE 29 - Pitching (Fast Pitch)