In addition to the rules stated herein, all games are subject to the 2024 PONY Baseball Rules & Regulations and/or Official Rules of Major League Baseball.


    1. A. Tournament teams will be comprised as follows:

      1. Tournament teams shall consist of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 players, one manager, one coach and one business manager, which will be permitted on the field or bench.


    1. Pitching Distance: 40 feet

    2. Distance between bases: 60 feet


    1. A manager must change the pitcher on the second trip in the same inning to the same pitcher.


    1. Batting order and positions fielded: Nine (9).

    2. Defensive and Offensive Substitutions:

      1. Per the rules of re-entry, starters may re-enter the game, but must be put into their original batting spot.

      2. All changes must be reported to the home plate umpire.


    1. No leading off. Runner must remain in contact with the base until the pitcher releases the ball.

    2. Runners may steal bases, but shall not leave the base they are occupying at the time of the pitch until the pitcher has released the ball. PENALTY: Once the pitcher has stepped on the rubber with possession of the ball, runners who leave base before the pitcher has released the ball and the pitch is hit are out and the ball is in play. If the pitch is not hit the runner must return to the base and the ball is dead, however if the runner is put out trying to steal the out will supersede the dead ball.


    1. If the visiting team is leading by 15 runs at the end of 3 complete innings or 10 runs at the end of 4 or more complete innings, the game shall be declared complete and the visiting team shall be declared the winner.

    2. If the home team is leading by 15 runs at the end of 3 complete innings or 10 runs after the visiting team has completed batting in the 4th inning or later, the game shall be complete and the home team shall be declared the winner

    3. Maximum five (5) runs per half inning.

      1. No maximum run applies in the 5th and all subsequent innings.