What is PONY Baseball and Softball’s Code of Ethics?

As a non-profit organization dealing with youth, PONY Baseball, Inc. (a.k.a. PONY Baseball and Softball), shall be nondiscriminatory in its hiring practices and the general conduct of Corporate business.

The Corporation cannot tolerate physical, mental or sexual harassment by staff, Field Directors or Local League officials representing PONY Baseball and Softball.


Conflict of interest on the part of any employee, member of the Board of Directors, Field Directors or Local League officials is to be disclosed. Such persons shall avoid voting on an item related to their conflict of interest and shall, if requested by the President, absent themselves from the meeting until discussion and subsequent voting on such subject has been completed.


Employees of the Corporation, members of the Board of Directors, Field Directors and Local League officials are expressly forbidden to use their position and authority in PONY to require or unduly pressure leagues to purchase and/or use products, (such as baseballs, trophies, concession supplies), or services (such as umpires, ground care, fund raising), which provide profit to that individual as an individual, or part of a specific group of individuals.