Past Headquarters Building

Where is PONY Baseball and Softball Headquartered?

PONY Baseball and Softball headquarters are located in Washington, PA. Originally headquartered from donated office space at the Observer-Reporter Publishing Company, the headquarters have also occupied 2 dedicated buildings, the last of which is the current headquarters.

What was PONY Baseball and Softball’s first full headquarters building?

In 1970 PONY Baseball and Softball began construction of their office and museum space at 300 Claire Drive in Washington, PA. 


Over the years the building was added onto many times to fill the need of expanding office and storage space as well as display area for the memorabilia collected and donated over the many years of operation.  The building was in operation from 1970 to 2005 when construction was completed on the new headquarters building.

Current Headquarters Building

Where is PONY Baseball and Softball Headquartered now?

PONY Baseball and Softball’s International Headquarters and Museum is located at 1951 PONY Place, Washington PA. 

The new headquarters building was completed and occupied in November 2005.  It is now housed in a 12,000 square foot building that houses staff offices, a large shipping department, museum area, retail space and an outdoor flag plaza.

What is located inside the new building?

PONY Baseball and Softball’s new office spaces include offices for the staff of PONY Headquarters.  There are also office spaces for part time employees and summer interns.  The building also holds 2 meeting rooms.  The smaller meeting room is utilized by staff.  The larger board room is utilized by the PONY Board of Directors who meet there every other year as well as it being available for usage by local PONY Organizations and other non-profit entities in the Washington, PA area.  The building also houses the PONY Baseball and Softball Museum.  The museum collection holds artifacts from PONY’s inception in 1951 to the present.  The museum also displays the current year’s World Series and Softball Nationals winners uniforms for those teams who donate a uniform top to the collection and holds our national awards collection.