What are PONY Baseball and Softball’s National Recognition Awards?

PONY Baseball and Softball has two award types available for recognizing individuals who go above and beyond at the local league level as well as on a national level. Both awards are a two part recognition with an award going to the individual as well as an award being displayed at PONY Baseball and Softball’s International Headquarters and Museum.

Joe E. Brown Award

Joe E. Brown, the famed actor and comedian, was the first President of PONY Baseball and Softball. He served as President from 1953 to 1964, not only lending his name to the program but also much of his time. Joe E. Brown and Lew Hays crisscrossed the country in those early days spreading the word about PONY.


Today we honor Joe E. Brown and anyone in your community with the Joe E. Brown award symbolic of their dedication and effort in making your community a better place to live through PONY Baseball and Softball. The award is a 8 x 10 plaque that will be given to the recipient with his or her name also being recorded on a perpetual plaque at PONY Baseball and Softball Headquarters. The Joe E. Brown award costs $250.00

Wall of Fame Award

The Wall of Fame award is given in honor of those people making significant contributions at a local league or national level.


The highest award that can be given in PONY includes a 9x12 photo plaque to be displayed at PONY Headquarters, and the recipient will receive a 5 x 7 engraved plaque for their wall at home. The Wall of Fame award costs $500.00


How can I honor someone with one of these awards?

You can contact PONY Baseball and Softball’s International Headquarters and Museum at 724-225-1060 or info@pony.org for assistance on ordering these awards.