During registration with PONY Baseball and Softball you are asked to name your teams.  In the circumstance that you have registered the league with a set of generic names or if a name has changed you must supply those updated team names to PONY.  PONY utilizes these names during checking your tournament players to make sure they have participated on sanctioned league teams.  To make sure your players are legal to play this is a must do step.

  1. Navigate to http://link.pony.org/database in your PC or Mac browser. 
  2. Once on the login page, use your Affinity Sports login you created after registering the organization with PONY.

    NOTE: During registration only a primary organization contact is created.  The primary organization contact can create other users to access the account after the organizations registration is confirmed and paid in full.  If you are not the organization's primary contact you will need to contact them to set you up an account so you can access the system and all the confidential information inside.
    NOTE: In the unfortunate circumstances that you did not create the login as instructed in your registration conformation email you can try to create a new password by going here.  You'll be asked to enter your Email (that you submitted as your contact email while registering the league), your last name, your zip code, and a username you'd like to setup.  You'll be emailed additional information.  If this is unsuccessful please submit a support ticket to manually have a username and password created for you.
  3. Now that you are logged in you will be presented with the primary Affinity Sports dashboard.  If there are any notifications from Affinity Sports about the platform (for example planned downtime or changes in technical support hours due to holidays, etc) will be displayed on the right.  Your options for using the dashboard will be navigation column on the left.
  4. Affinity Sports is a multi-year data collection and visualization system.  You need to make sure you select the appropriate season when viewing data.  The Affinity Sports system remembers your selections when using the system so once you select a season unless you change it will remember your selection. As well as selecting a “season” you will need to select whether you want to view “League” information or “Umpire” information.  There will be selections for both in the season pulldown.  The season pulldown it located in the upper left corner of the Affinity Dashboard directly under your name.
    1. In the example below the 2018 “League” season has been selected.
    2. To select the correct season, click the pulldown and select the correct year spring season.
    3. You'll then see the appropriate season selected (in this example we are looking for 2019).
  5. Now we are in the correct season, we can finally look at the teams that we have officially sanctioned with PONY Baseball and Softball.  Select "Team" in the left hand column.
  6. If this is the first time accessing this menu, you will NOT see any teams listed.  This is expected behavior.
  7. Click the "Search" button and the system will find all available team that you registered with PONY Baseball and Softball during your registration of the organization.
    NOTE: It is not advised to adjust any search parameters unless you are advised to.  Invalid search parameters will result in no teams being shown.  If you have changed any of these are not getting the intended results click the "RESET" button in the upper right of the team screen to reset them to default.  Then hit "Search" again.
  8. Search as returned all teams I have registered.  
    NOTE: PONY rules now state -  Section 1 | Subsection E : Organization leagues shall be composed of any number of teams, but must register all teams in an age division to be eligible for Tournament Play.  While checking your teams you should check to make sure you are in compliance of this rule to make sure your organization's players are eligible to participate on tournament teams.
  9. To edit a team's information you can double click on the team name under the "Team Name" column to zoom in on its information.
  10. Zooming in to look at a team's information, you can see the team's name under the Team Name field.  Here you can rename your team to the correct name and then click "Update" to save the change.
  11. In the example I have changed the team name from Team1 to Pirates.  Clicking update will refresh the screen with the updated information.
  12. Once satisfied with the change, you can click "Find/Edit" under the team section in the left hand navigation column to return to your list of teams.
  13. Once clicked it will return you to your team list where you can see the update has occurred.
  14. Repeat the above steps to make any other changes you need to team names.
  15. When complete you can logout by clicking Signout in the upper right hand corner of the screen.