COLT 16U™ LEAGUE enables the high school player to fine tune their skills before advancing into open competition. 

COLT 16U™ LEAGUES introduce the players to the regulation Baseball and Girls Softball diamonds and pitching distances. COLT 16U™ LEAGUE Baseball players are subject to pitching limitations designed to protect their arms. 

Local Baseball leagues have the opportunity to divide players into Colt and Palomino play, or to combine those age groups into a single local league subject to the approval of the Division Director. Separate tournament play is conducted for COLT 16U™ LEAGUEand PALOMINO 19U™ LEAGUE. 

COLT 16U™ LEAGUE is limited to 16 and under (minimum age 13 in Baseball and minimum age 4 in Girls Softball), but players of age 15 through 18 are eligible for PALOMINO 19U™ LEAGUE Baseball tournament play if no COLT 16U™ LEAGUE is available. Baseball Leagues which combine players 15-18 in a single local league may enter teams in both Colt and Palomino tournament play. 

Players may not play on more than one tournament team in the same season. 

COLT 16U™ LEAGUE Baseball and Girls Softball are exciting, top notch sports that provides a fitting showcase for the talent developed in your community.


BASES : 90 feet 

PITCHING : 60 feet, six inches


FAIR PLAY AREA : Within the first base and third base foul lines and a fence or marked line 300 feet from home plate. A ball hit beyond that distance on the fly will be a home run. A minimum home run distance of 250 feet or a maximum of 350 feet will be recognized, with the recommendation that the home run distance be 300 feet at the foul lines and 350 feet in center field to a six or eight foot barrier wherever possible.


BASES, PLATES : The home plate, pitcher's rubber and the bases shall be official size as used in regulation baseball.


PITCHING MOUND : Shall be raised by a gradual slope to a height of ten inches above the level of home plate and the base paths.


RESTRAINING LINE : Located along first base, beginning 45 feet from home base and extending three feet beyond the first and second base line. The line, paralleling the first base foul line and extending three feet (36 inches) into foul territory, shall be marked with chalk or other white material two inches wide.


DISTANCE TO BACKSTOP : Recommended distance from home plate to the backstop is 50 feet.


CATCHER'S BOX : By local option, the catcher's box may be rectangular in shape 43 inches wide and eight feet deep from the point of home plate or it may be triangular in shape extending eight feet from the rear of home plate, being a continuation of the foul lines, in which case the line closest to the backstop shall be 16 feet in length.



BASES : 60 feet

PITCHING : 43 feet

RECOMMENDED FENCES : 175 feet to 200 feet



BASES : 65 feet

PITCHING : 50 feet

RECOMMENDED FENCES : 175 feet to 200 feet