Before his hiring, Brent was no stranger to PONY Baseball and Softball. In the past he has acted as a photographer for PONY events including the PONY World Series donating his time and photos to PONY.  He is also the chairman of the PONY Technology Committee, previously serving as an "outside" observer before his employment with PONY.  He also oversees PONY's field staff (Field Directors) background checks as well as California Department of Justice background checks (AB506) for field directors who reside in the state of California.

Liberatore is an alumnus of California University of Pennsylvania (now named PennWest California), graduating with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.  For the previous 10 years before his hiring, he had worked for the F. L. Haus Company of Pittsburgh, PA, serving as their IT Director, doing similar duties for them that he will be taking on for PONY.  He now uses his skills learned at the printing company to oversee PONY’s printing projects.

Currently Liberatore lives in Washington, PA.  In the past he has been the vice-president of a local youth girls’ basketball program, as well as coaching several of that league's teams.  Liberatore also has coached softball for a local girls’ softball program, coaching teams that his daughter has played for.  Liberatore has one daughter, Jocelyn, an alumnus of Bethany College in Bethany, WV.