INSERTION:  2025 (Approved 2023 as 2023-R-16a)

DESCRIPTION:  Clarify for umpires that use the Minor league penalty for delays of the batter.

RULE:  9 R

RULE CHANGE:  The one-foot in the batter’s box rule shall be enforced as stated in the official rules of Major League Baseball (Rule 5.04 (b)(4)).  For clarification, the Minor League penalty will apply.  (The umpire shall award a strike without the pitcher having to deliver the pitch).

INSERTION:  2025 (Approved 2023 as 2023-R-34)

DESCRIPTION:  Maximum Innings for Foal.

RULE:  11 A

RULE CHANGE:  Once play has begun in a game the game shall be played to regulation length (FOUR innings) unless the home team is leading and does not need its half of the final inning. Teams shall not score more than five runs per inning except in the FOURTH or extra inning, where they may score ten runs.

INSERTION:  2025 (Approved 2023 as 2023-R-43)


RULE:  T 6 C

RULE CHANGE:  International team players, who are denied a United States Visa, can be replaced on the tournament eligibility affidavit one time, with the documented approval of the respective Zone Director.