Your PONY regular season, All-Star or Travel/Select Affidavit (Roster) starts out in a "Draft" state.  Draft rosters are still editable meaning that you can still adjust the players and coaches you have assigned to them.  They look like this.

PONY Affidavits (Rosters) vary slightly  in style by what type of roster it is (Regular Season, All-Star or Travel/Select) but in "Draft" mode they will all be watermarked.

"Draft" rosters are not legal for tournament play in any way.  Please note that showing up at a tournament with a roster in "Draft" mode will most likely cause it to be rejected at pre-tournament meetings

and you will need to activate it and re-print it before you are allowed to play.

Activation of your affidavit (roster) is a simple 1-click process that verifies that your affidavit (roster) is filled out correctly and have the correct amount of coaches and players for your team type and age group.

Log into the database and navigate to your team (either by logging in with your primary organization contact account and clicking "Team" -> Clicking on your team name (or search if your teams are not listed to refresh the screen) or by logging in with your coach account and clicking "Teams" -> Clicking on "Team Info" next to your team name.

When looking at your team information you are looking for the "Activation" tab.

The Activation tab will either be marked with a Red X or a Green Checkmark denoting if the team is correctly activated or not.

  • Green Checkmark
  • Red X

Clicking on the Activation tab will show you the status of the team. Some examples of what you might see would be but no limited to...

  • Team empty or needs players added or removed to be the correct amount.
  • Team Administrator amount is ok, players need added or removed to be the correct amount.
  • Team needs Team Administrators added or removed to the the correct amount.

Once your team has the correct amount according to PONY rules, you'll see the team is ready to activate and the "Activate Team. button will appear.

Activating the team will change your Affidavit (Roster) from "Draft" mode to the Official mode for printing and presentation at tournaments.  Once you click to Activate your roster, click the "Team Roster" tab and click "Print PONY Roster" to download and print the official copy.