When umpire registration is completed and payment rendered and processed you are sent an email as a conformation of your registration as well as with a link to print your Umpire ID card.

This card is your official documentation of umpire registration, and may be asked to be presented before umpiring tournament games as conformation of your official registration.

If you never received your conformation email, you first should check in your email spam folder as the email may have been sent there by your email client.

Your next step is to log into the PONY Affinity system to access your message center to find a copy of what we sent to you.

First navigate to the PONY Affinity login page available at link.pony.org/database

In the upper left corner, enter your Umpire Username and Password you setup during umpire registration.

You will now be logged into the Umpire Center.

Click the "My Account" tab.  You will select "Message Center" to access all messages sent by the PONY Affinity system to your account.

The "Message Center" will open displaying all messages sent to you from PONY to your account.

You are looking for the message that mentions your "ID Card Enclosed".

Click the message to display its contents.

Scroll through the message (with the right slider) until you find the section with the link to your Umpire ID Card.

The umpire ID card will download into a PDF file.  You can print the card from here as well as save the file for your future reference.