Gagliardi Insurance Services (GIS) of San Jose, California, Pony Baseball, Inc.’s official league accident, medical and liability insurance carrier, recently announced they are closing their doors and will no longer be in business.  GIS, a perennial PONY advocate, provided more than 35 years of excellent service to PONY and our membership. 

Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances GIS has discontinued selling and servicing insurances policies to all of their clients which includes many PONY member organizations. GIS directly notified those PONY policy holders of this termination in services through their own announcement (an updated version of which can be viewed here).

The PONY Executive Committee recently met to discuss alternative plans for the 2021 season with the understanding that GIS will no longer be an insurance option. Several reputable and suitable insurance companies have approached PONY to offer our leagues replacement insurance. PONY is vetting those companies for pricing, technology integration, and service response. Once PONY selects a replacement carrier, PONY will announce that decision and will communicate with member leagues and umpires for the 2021 season. 

Please note that GIS is not a PONY related company and operates as an independent insurance carrier.  PONY has no financial interest or ownership in GIS. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause our member leagues and umpires.