If your PONY Organization has updated their address or the leagues Primary Contact with PONY has changed (or both) you must have this changed *** BEFORE *** you register.  For security reasons this is not able to be changed during registration.

It is noted during registration in the instructions on the landing page for our registration system. (see image below)

The process for updating your information is very easy.   You will just send an email to baseballsupport@pony.org or softballsupport@pony.org with your organization name and that you are requesting a contact update.  This will initiate a support ticket in our helpdesk.

Our support staff will open your ticket and you will receive an email back with a link to go to an online form to fill out with the needed information to update the organization. (see image below)

After you submit your new information, it will be reviewed and updated in our system by our support staff (usually in around an hour to two hours time during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm).

You will receive an email back once your information has been updated in our system and it is OK for your to start your registration.

Your support ticket will then be closed.