Your PONY Membership Certificate is your proof of your Organization [your Baseball / Softball League or Travel/Select Softball Tournament Team(s)} registration and payment with PONY Baseball and Softball International Headquarters.

Your organization's primary contact can access and download your current year's membership certificate in PDF format for distribution to your teams for their team book.

To retrieve your Membership Certificate for PONY Baseball and Softball, please use your League Administrator credentials to login to our system at

In the dashboard, select “Reports” in the left hand Navigation column.

This will reveal the reports that are available in the Affinity System.  There are four subheadings : Registrations, Events, Financial Reports and Misc Reports.

Please select “Misc Reports”.

On the “Report Type” pulldown, please select “Membership Certificate”.  You will need to scroll down inside the pulldown menu to see it as it is near the bottom of the menu.

You will need to specify your league name to the system in the “Select a League” pulldown for the database to pull your membership certificate.  In this example, the league name is “Travel/Select Test” and as you can see it is the only option because your login security will only allow you to see the organization you are attached to. Do not specify a date range as it is not applicable.

Click “Generate Report” to generate your certificate for download.

A popup window will appear with the Affinity Report system and your report ready to export to your computer. (If a popup does not appear, you will need to disable any browser popup blockers you computer may have installed).

Once the "Select a format" pulldown appears solid, you can use it to download your Membership Certificate to your computer.

Although the Affinity Report system has the ability to export reports to different file-types, this report is specifically designed to be exported as a PDF to export and be viewed correctly.  Use the pulldown to specify “PDF” as your export type. 

Your Membership Certificate for the season will download to your computer as a PDF file for printing and storage.